this is our happy faces ....

Zanto - Mastiff Joy Of Giants Alfred 16.06.2019

He is a very beautiful and big happy male of our own breed.

He loves to be a part of everything we do.

He is a lovable dog - he loves everybody 110 % 

He is big, but thinks he is a little "ant", who can easily sit on the lap of everyone.

Best friend there and westie ....

Children are in Zanto's world - the best to cuddle, always ready to play, always ready for a proper "smack kiss", ready to share toys, teddy bears and food with him, he just loves them





In fact, we should only have one mastiff, but... When we first saw iwi in April 2017, we were really just visiting to see the little puppies, but she was definitely the most adorable little puppy that walked right in our hearts. A little Bandit who Who was a little troublemaker, curious and she would see the whole world, she could keep the whole gang going ... she can still Iwi is a really nice happy girl who does not always understand its size. She is curious and would like to be with us everywhere, the whole day, every day of the week. Iwi loves everyone she meets on her way - dogs, children or adults. When we get visits, she is the first to greet them. Iwi we have got from Pia, Farm Of snoring Dog



Bertha is our first Mastiff. She entered the family in the summer of 2015.

A funny, happy, fearless little bandit.

Bertha wanted to go out and see the big world, so we got a bike-trailer for our mountain bikes, in this way we got exercise and Bertha got fresh air and seen a bit of life outside our garden. Bertha loves to be with us.

She loves when we meet people who want to clap, cuddle, kiss and take pictures of her or with her. She certainly can't get too much attention.

When she became "big sister" to Iwi, she grew up with the job and suddenly became the "adult".

Limits were set for the little troublemaker. All that was allowed when Bertha herself was a puppy, was suddenly not acceptable in Berthas temonology. Bertha loves visits by everyone, but our grandchildren especially, it is a great Joy for both parts when they come. She can't get enough of them, and it's reciprocated from all of them. Bertha has been in lokal kindergarten as a visiting dog, been Mascot at TV2 on Tour here i DK, where she was also a model and pet dog. Bertha we have picked up from Charlotte, Mastiffworld.